Art Direction

Silver Award Laus 2018

Project made with Bum
Character Design by Juan Díaz-Faes
Produced by O
Directed by Stanley Sunday
Ads Photography by Javier Tles
Our object was to ask for good behaviour in public transports an we didn’t make just another standard & boring campaign.

So we created a funny character called Karma (it sounds equal as Carme in catalan, the name translation of Carmen) and ask to the illustrator Juan Díaz-Faes to bring her to life.

We began the campaign by fixing some big stickers all over the transport network with just simple messages like “Hey, I’m watching you” or “I’m what you do”. It looked like street art for the first weeks and people start sharing it on social media.

Then we released a commercial with good and bad actions of users extracted from security cameras footage (well, that was our first idea but at the end we had to fake them) where Karma interact with them by punishing and rewarding.